By | November 16, 2018

You’re about to discover more of the wonderful restaurants for dining out in Iowa City IA. I’ve taken to virtually to several of them so far. It’s always fun discovering what’s good to eat, don’t you think? The reviews say it all, and I’m about to review in short order four of the best restaurants for dining out in Iowa City, Iowa.

Thai Spice is going to be one of those places that offers up a unique experience if you’re not used to Thai food. I’ve been to a few Thai restaurants before, but it’s always new to me. Stop by 1210 South Gilbert Street, and you can enjoy some Thai Spice. You’re talking about delicious noodle dishes, spring rolls, Yam Yai, fried rice with pineapple and much more. The restaurant is said to be little tucked away, so keep that in mind when making your way there.

Are you up for some sushi? Oyama Sushi is perhaps the best place to find it when in Iowa City. The address for Oyama Sushi is 1853 Lower Muscatine Road, and this place also has a location in Cedar Rapids. You can also order up hibachi salmon and many other menu favorites when there. The grilled veggies are also said to be a delight there.

Short’s Burgers East Side is located at 521 Westbury Drive, and that puts it in the downtown area. People say that the restaurant has a wonderful variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches, too. If you’re wondering if they cater to vegetarians, Short’s Burgers East Side has a delicious black bean burger, according to reviews.

Trumpet Blossom Cafe is also known for being a great restaurant in Iowa City. Trumpet Blossom Cafe is located at 310 East Prentiss Street, and it is known as being a vegan restaurant. The Seitan Wings are said to be delicious, as is the Reuben. Trumpet Blossom Cafe is supposed to be one of the best vegan restaurants in the entire state.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Perhaps you’re looking instead for a great place to eat some meat. Any of these great dining establishments will be a wonderful pick. See where you would like to enjoy a meal, and have a wonderful time out there in Iowa City. There is great food to be had, and you’re going to enjoy dining out with your family at any of the places you stop by.