By | November 16, 2018

I was looking for a new apartment to rent. There wasn’t much time left on my lease and I was ready to move somewhere else. I was ideally looking for an apartment that would allow pets. The apartment I lived in before didn’t allow them, even with a security deposit and I really wanted to get a dog.

I went online and searched for apartments for rent in Iowa City, Iowa. I found a few websites with apartments listed on them. I browsed through them to see what they looked like, where they were located and if they allowed pets. After looking at several that didn’t allow pets, I filtered my search to only include those that were pet friendly. Then, I looked through the apartments that came up in that search. I saved them so I could go back later and look at them after I checked around.

Next, I went to Facebook and made a post asking my friends if they knew of any apartments for rent in Iowa City that allowed pets. I got a few responses, but nothing that interested me. I knew I would be able to get more information if I shared my post in Iowa City Facebook groups. I went to my post and shared in a few different groups I was in. In the meantime, I searched in those groups to see if there were any posted there. I found a few and contacted the person that listed them to find out if they allowed pets. I got a few notifications on the post I shared in the groups and they were comments from people recommending apartments. I contacted the landlords to find out where they were located and to get pictures.

After searching around and exploring all my options, I finally found an apartment that was pet friendly, within my price range and in a desirable location. It was everything I wanted and it was available immediately. I got everything in order so I could move in. I waited until I got moved in to start looking for a dog. I went to the local animal shelter because I saw a post on Facebook that they had puppies. They were all so cute, and I found the perfect one. I am so glad I am finally living in a place that allows pets and I love the new puppy I got. She is such a sweet dog.